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Innovative projects and streamlined business operations flourish with the QualityPMO methodology of the EMARI System Thinking Approach

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    Just Culture for System Thinking, this methodology ensures accountability as professional managers align responsibilities with objectives for optimal performance

  • Integrated Leadership

    Elevating Human Performance through the QualityPMO methodology, our focus on teamwork and innovation transforms both projects and business operations


Future of Work

As we envision the future of work with safety and efficiency at the forefront of Human and Organizational Performance in Facility Management, the foundation lies in embracing five core values: Excellence, Integrity, Collaboration, Respect, and Creativity. 

In this paradigm, safety and efficiency are not just benchmarks but ingrained principles shaping the work culture. Operational Excellence in Projects and Maintenance of infrastructures is achieved through a holistic approach, integrating leadership, work arrangement freedom, digital transformation, environmental sustainability, collaboration, empowerment, diversity, and inclusion. By fostering a culture rooted in these values, the future workplace becomes a learning organization where data-driven decision-making, wellness, and work-life balance are prioritized. This vision is underpinned by the belief in creating a unique way of work, ensuring adaptability and resilience in the ever-evolving landscape of the Future of Work.

  • Integrated Leadership

    Leadership that
    sets the teams for success with clear
    Organizational Goals & Performance Metrics

  • Collaboration & Empowerment

    Promote a culture of collaboration and empower your workforce for innovation

  • Data-Driven Decision Making

    Leverage data for informed decision-making, driving continuous improvement

  • Flexible Work Freedom

    Embrace flexible work arrangements, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction

  • Learning Organization

    Cultivate a learning organization that adapts and thrives in a dynamic business environment

  • Your Way of Work

    Self-motivated teams that shape their own approach for optimal performance

  • Work-Life Balance

    Prioritize employee well-being, fostering a healthy work-life balance

  • Digital Transformation

    Quality & Innovation for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness

  • Sustainable Agility

    Business continuity based on 3P, Profit, People, and Planet for Society & Environment

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Prioritize diversity and inclusion, unlocking the full potential of your team

CMBA at Work

Join us on the journey to excellence – where every contract is a stepping stone to groundbreaking discoveries!

Contract Management & Contractor Assurance

With CMBA, we redefine Contract Management and Contractor Assurance to drive a facility's success through a lens of innovation, safety, and efficiency. Imagine an integrated management service that manages agreements and assures contractors' capability to deliver groundbreaking discoveries while maintaining the highest safety and quality standards.


CMBA's performance evaluation and measurement program is designed to be the organization's strategic compass. Guided by visionary leadership, we align contractors with their facility's mission, ensuring every project is a step toward innovation. With a culture of accountability, CMBA leaders create a transparent and responsible environment that enhances safety protocols, quality standards, and overall project efficiency.


Discover the power of a Contract Assurance System that goes beyond contracts - it's a partnership for success.  Elevate operations, foster innovation, and ensure a safe, efficient, and thriving future using the CMBA methodology.

Performance Evaluation & Measurement Program

Employing the CMBA methodology, we aim to guarantee the seamless operation of any facility organization by introducing a robust Contract Assurance System (CAS) as part of our Contract Management & Contractor Assurance services.


Clients seeking assurance in performance measurement can rely on our approach, which centers around key aspects of Business Operation, Project Processes, People Leadership, and Innovation performed through the QualityPMO Team. 


The CAS program is meticulously designed to measure and evaluate performance against a set of agreed-upon objectives and key parameters. This ensures not only the day-to-day smooth operation of the facility but also paves the way for the success of innovation projects.


The template presented below serves as a foundational guide, offering a flexible structure that can be tailored to the unique needs of any organization. With our CMBA-based CAS, we prioritize collaboration, mindfulness, balanced leadership, and agility, ensuring a dynamic and adaptive system that aligns with your organizational goals and fosters continuous improvement.


Achieving success in contract management and contractor assurance within a facility requires a seamless integration of Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles. Individuals and the organization must work hand in hand, acknowledging the four crucial aspects of Mission, Program, Leadership, and Wellness. On the human side, the focus should be on performance improvement, cultivating project creativity, instilling quality leadership, and fostering a safe work environment. Employees need to align their efforts with the overarching mission and program goals, showcasing leadership in wellness and personal growth. Simultaneously, the organization plays a pivotal role by establishing a well-organized system that ensures smooth operations, encourages innovative partnerships for continuous learning, and implements measures for sustainability based on a just culture. This integrated system approach ensures not only the immediate success of the contract but also lays the foundation for sustained agility, fostering a culture of excellence, innovation, and safety in the long run. The collaboration between human and organizational elements is paramount in achieving the overarching goals of contract management and contractor assurance in a facility.

cmba 4 facilities

The significance of leadership styles and personality traits for professional managers cannot be overstated in the intricate tapestry of organizational success. Leadership styles serve as the guiding framework that shapes how managers influence and inspire their teams. Each style, whether strategic, empathetic, or visionary, brings a unique set of qualities to the forefront, influencing decision-making, communication, and team dynamics. Personality traits, on the other hand, are the underlying characteristics that contribute to a manager's approach and effectiveness. A manager's ability to understand and leverage their personality traits enables them to navigate diverse situations, build trust, and foster collaboration within their teams. In essence, the alignment of leadership styles and personality traits is the cornerstone of effective leadership, empowering professional managers to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace with agility, empathy, and strategic acumen.

Embark on a journey of discovery by delving deeper into the heart of our philosophy and principles. The About page is a treasure trove of insights, providing a comprehensive understanding of our vision, mission, and the driving force behind Collaborative Management for Business Activities (CMBA). Uncover the intricacies of our leadership styles, the essence of personality traits, and the transformative power they hold for professional managers. Navigate through the pages to unveil the commitment to Human and Organizational Performance, the innovative CMBA Methodology, and the collaborative spirit that defines our community. Your exploration of the About page promises to be a gateway to a deeper connection with the core values shaping the future of work. Read more, and join us in shaping a future where leadership transcends, empowers, and leads towards excellence.


The CMBA landscape is enriched with various methodologies, and one of them is the QPMO methodology. It urges professional managers to become versatile leaders who can orchestrate success at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. One of the key aspects of this methodology is the encouragement for managers to understand and master each leadership style. The middle management is often referred to as "Strategic Maestros," and they play a pivotal role in this approach. They bridge the gap between top-line management and other functional departments, using diverse leadership styles to collaborate horizontally and direct their subordinates with agility and finesse. This dynamic approach not only elevates the role of middle management but also propels the organization towards a future of collaborative excellence.

Delegation Wisdom and Leadership Styles: The crux of successful delegation lies in understanding when to apply each leadership style judiciously. Wisdom, in this context, is the ability to discern the needs of the task, the department, the nature of the work, the self-positioning of team members, and their personality types. The order in which leadership styles are applied becomes crucial:

  1. Strategic Leadership (Tell): Setting the overarching vision and objectives.
  2. Change Leadership (Sell): Persuading and inspiring teams to embrace new strategies.
  3. Empathetic Leadership (Consult): Seeking input and considering diverse perspectives.
  4. Integrated Leadership (Agree): Collaboratively aligning strategies with team consensus.
  5. Situational Leadership (Advise): Tailoring leadership approach based on specific situations.
  6. Servant Leadership (Inquire): Prioritizing the needs and growth of individual team members.

Understanding when to employ each style ensures a harmonious delegation process, where tasks align seamlessly with expectations, fostering a culture of trust, collaboration, and continuous improvement. In the intricate dance of CMBA leadership, wisdom becomes the conductor's baton, orchestrating a delegated symphony of success.

Learn more in the "About" section...

Philosophy, Framework, and Methodology


Construction Quality Assurance

CMBA Team for CQA

Collaboration, Mindfulness, Balance, and Agility

A holistic System Thinking approach is essential to apply the CMBA, the Operational Excellence Framework, to Construction Quality Assurance within a Facility Management Operation and Maintenance contract. First and foremost, Creating Your WOW involves tailoring work arrangements to align with project goals and stakeholder expectations. This ensures that the construction and maintenance activities are customized for optimal efficiency and safety. Mindful Project Leadership becomes instrumental in balancing the intricacies of construction quality and facility maintenance by incorporating Wellness Quality Management practices. This fosters a conscientious approach to project execution, minimizing errors and maximizing overall quality. Balancing Empathy for Sustainability is crucial in the construction realm, where empathetic leadership ensures effective communication, collaboration, and a positive working environment, ultimately enhancing the quality of outputs. Lastly, Agile Lean Process Thinking facilitates adaptability to evolving stakeholder requirements, fostering a culture of continuous improvement in construction quality assurance processes. By integrating these CMBA elements, the Facility Management Operation and Maintenance contract can achieve operational excellence, delivering high-quality results focusing on collaboration, mindfulness, balance, and agility.

Quality Project Management Office Methodology

QPMO Knowledge Domains

qpmo bok


Quality Project Management Office Methodology
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Training Developed for Successful Teams

Business of Engineering

  • Mini MBA Crash Course

    Covers all MBA topics and concepts in a 10-session course as it relates to Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Construction Management Program

  • Construction Engineering & Management

    Introduction to AEC Industry and Risks involved in the Built Environment Development Process for Professionals from other disciplines

  • Cost Estimating, Bidding & Contracting

    Basics of Procurement and Financial Management and Accounting as it relates to the AEC Industry and Construction Project Management

Construction Management Business Administration
Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

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Philosophy & Benchmarks

The CMBA Methodology Development

  • DBA Knowledge Domains

    1. Accounting for Decision Making (Financial Accounting & Cashflow)

    2. Business Strategy, Marketing, and Business Models

    3. Business Analytics & Future Studies

    4. Supply Chain & Operations Management

    5. Leadership & Organizational Behavior (Interpersonal Skills)

    6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    7. Business Ethics & Professionalism

  • The Process

    1. Setting Organizational Culture and Management Style

    2. Assessment of the Strategic & Stakeholder Management

    3. Coach on Portfolio, Program and Project Management

    4. Assist in Marketing & Financial Management

    5. Develop a Knowledge Management System

    6. Train in Problem Solving & Decision Making

    7. Research the Legal Aspects & Risk Management

    8. Coach in Optimization & Maturity Phase

    9. Seminars on Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

    10. Debugging & Why do Businesses Fail?

  • Construction Management Domains

    1. Construction Project Management Professionalism

    2. Construction Engineering & Management (Civil & MEP Crash Course)

    3. Construction Project Control (Schedule, CPM, Cost, BIM, Documentation, EVM, Last Planner)

    4. Construction Procurement and Estimation (Bidding, Types of Contracts, Delivery systems, Contract Management & Administration)

    5. Construction HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental) Management

    6. Construction Quality, Productivity & Risk Management (Lean Construction)

    7. Construction Law & Claim Management (Insurance, Bond, and Regulations)

    8. System Thinking, IPD, and Change Management for Advancing Innovation and Technologies

    9. Construction Communication & Stakeholder Management (Labor & Union Relation)

    10. Sustainability & Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

Common Terminology

QualityPMO Methodology of EMARI System Thinking Approach
  • System Engineering

    Design a network of interdependent
    components that work together to 
    accomplish a specific aim of the system

  • Business Operations

    Managing People and Functions within an Organization to satisfy internal and external Customers 

  • Project Processes

    A set of activities that are engineered and managed on a temporary basis to achieve a certain scope

  • Quality Management System

    Engineering, Managing, and Reinventing Integration for continuous improvement by applying lessons learned

  • Management Methodology

    A systematic and organized approach used to solve problems through a set of procedures, principles, and rules for conducting a particular activity, study, or process.

  • System Thinking

    An integrated approach to analyzing interrelated components and their impacts on each other

  • Design Thinking

    A non-linear, iterative process to create innovative solutions incorporating diverse perspectives

  • Process Thinking

    A cognitive approach that involves viewing activities, tasks, or operations as linear and sequential processes

We look at management differently

Our Client's Reviews

We improved our HVAC Procurement & Supply Chain Management using principles and processes advocated by this methodology.

  • testimonial-3

    Shirley Parker

    Havasazan Mechanical

We developed this methodology since we are not General Contractors, we are Prime Contractor for Construction Project Management.  In 1996, no one knew what CMBA meant.

  • testimonial-1

    Terry Franklin

    Detroit Contracting

We can improve collaboration and teamwork among Architects, Business Managers, and Construction Project Managers by creating a common language and understand using CMBA Principles!

  • testimonial-2

    Carl Reid

    Perkins + Will

Projects are defined by Business Cases for use by organizations, many PMs in the AEC Industry don't understand that CPMP is a small portion of a work performed by a bigger CMBA team!

  • testimonial-4

    Jessica Wright

    DTE Energy