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Stoic Wisdom for Modern Life


Ryan Holiday

What is Stoicism—and how can it be an effective mindfulness tool?

New York Times bestselling author of The Daily Stoic and founder of, and learn how to apply the principles of this ancient practice to help you conquer obstacles, accomplish goals, and find more satisfaction in all areas of life.

1. Introduction to StoicismLearn the foundations of Stoicism and how to practice it

2. Wake Up EarlyFind out why an early start to your day is critical

3. Managing ExpectationsFind out how to set realistic expectations for your life

4. Seek Out StillnessLearn what stillness is, how to find it and embrace it

5. Focus Only On the EssentialGain the ability to narrow your focus and tune out distractions

6. Find the Good in EverythingLearn to see every glass as half-full

7. Take a WalkFind peace by embracing your surroundings and yourself

8. Review Every DayDiscover a review process that will propel you to success

9. Meditate on Your MortalityReflect on living each day as if it\’s your last