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An MBA Program to Bridge CPMP and CQM in a QPMO

A Degree Program developed by a Construction Project Management Professional with a Doctorate of Business Administration in Strategic Management to help MBA Professionals improve business processes and collaboration with the AEC Industry
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Academic and Industry Management Professionals

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If you are currently working or intend to work in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry and wish to better communicate and collaborate with the rest of the team!

  • 25 Years of Excellence

    Based on over 25 years of quality academic research and successful practical experience

  • Defining Quality

    QualityPMO Methodology helps define and govern Quality Excellence in PMOs


Philosophy, Framework, and Methodology

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

CMBA Knowledge Domains

Knowledge Domains
  • Companies & Corporations

    The right Partnership and Company for your Business based on your Strategy

  • Strategic Management

    Better Blue Ocean Strategy and Tactics to align goals and objectives with your Core Values

  • Forecasting & Planning

    Plan the right roadmap based on proper trend analysis of past data and future expected risks

  • Supply Chain Management

    Manage and procure vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors based on MBA Principles

  • Leadership & Professionalism

    Knowledge on Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Skills needed to lead teams and build trust based on Business Ethics & Professional Conduct

  • Construction Project Management

    Proficiency in managing quality excellence for the AEC Industry and Business related topics to the management of Construction Projects

  • Automation & Digital Transformation

    Entrepreneurial spirit to bring PMIS, VR, BIM, BI, AI, and ML innovation and digital transformation to the AEC Industry for Construction 4.0

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Training Developed for Successful Teams

Business of Engineering

  • Mini MBA Crash Course

    Covers all MBA topics and concepts in a 10-session course as it relates to Civil & Environmental Engineering and the Construction Management Program

  • Construction Engineering & Management

    Introduction to AEC Industry and Risks involved in the Built Environment Development Process for Professionals from other disciplines

  • Cost Estimating, Bidding & Contracting

    Basics of Procurement and Financial Management and Accounting as it relates to the AEC Industry and Construction Project Management

Construction Management Business Administration
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Philosophy & Benchmarks

The CMBA Methodology Development

  • DBA Knowledge Domains

    1. Accounting for Decision Making (Financial Accounting & Cashflow)

    2. Business Strategy, Marketing, and Business Models

    3. Business Analytics & Future Studies

    4. Supply Chain & Operations Management

    5. Leadership & Organizational Behavior (Interpersonal Skills)

    6. Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    7. Business Ethics & Professionalism

  • The Process

    1. Setting Organizational Culture and Management Style

    2. Assessment of the Strategic & Stakeholder Management

    3. Coach on Portfolio, Program and Project Management

    4. Assist in Marketing & Financial Management

    5. Develop a Knowledge Management System

    6. Train in Problem Solving & Decision Making

    7. Research the Legal Aspects & Risk Management

    8. Coach in Optimization & Maturity Phase

    9. Seminars on Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

    10. Debugging & Why do Businesses Fail?

  • Construction Management Domains

    1. Construction Project Management Professionalism

    2. Construction Engineering & Management (Civil & MEP Crash Course)

    3. Construction Project Control (Schedule, CPM, Cost, BIM, Documentation, EVM, Last Planner)

    4. Construction Procurement and Estimation (Bidding, Types of Contracts, Delivery systems, Contract Management & Administration)

    5. Construction HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental) Management

    6. Construction Quality, Productivity & Risk Management (Lean Construction)

    7. Construction Law & Claim Management (Insurance, Bond, and Regulations)

    8. System Thinking, IPD, and Change Management for Advancing Innovation and Technologies

    9. Construction Communication & Stakeholder Management (Labor & Union Relation)

    10. Sustainability & Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

We look at management differently

Our Client's Reviews

We improved our HVAC Procurement & Supply Chain Management using principles and processes advocated by this methodology.

  • testimonial-3

    Shirley Parker

    Havasazan Mechanical

We developed this methodology since we are not General Contractors, we are Prime Contractor for Construction Project Management.  In 1996, no one knew what CMBA meant.

  • testimonial-1

    Terry Franklin

    Detroit Contracting

We can improve collaboration and teamwork among Architects, Business Managers, and Construction Project Managers by creating a common language and understand using CMBA Principles!

  • testimonial-2

    Carl Reid

    Perkins + Will

Projects are defined by Business Cases for use by organizations, many PMs in the AEC Industry don't understand that CPMP is a small portion of a work performed by a bigger CMBA team!

  • testimonial-4

    Jessica Wright

    DTE Energy